01 August 2015

New Smart Ticketing Launched for Bahrain’s Public Transport

Re-usable GO Cards set to make travel easier and faster as public transport network comes in full effect starting August 1st.

Bahrain Public Transport Company (BPTC), the new operators of the Kingdom’s modern, fully revamped public bus service, have introduced the GO Card, a pre-paid, re-usable smart card that facilitates flexible, convenient and faster travel for public transport users. The new cards were launched to the public during a 5-day campaign held at Bab Al Bahrain and BPTC was available to demonstrate its proper use and answer questions on the new routes and destinations added to the network.

The GO Card is the first smart ticketing system to be introduced in Bahrain and one in a series of new products and services to be gradually added to the new bus network in line with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications’ (MTT) efforts to upgrade and enhance Bahrain’s public transport system.

According to Mark Kipling, Director of BPTC, “Smart ticketing is a vital component of this project and crucial in elevating Bahrain’s public transport system, and enhancing the passenger journey. GO Cards are a cheaper, user-friendly alternative to the paper tickets and we have made sure they are easily accessible to all passengers across all sectors. The purpose of the GO Card is to facilitate seamless, hassle-free movement across the network at competitive rates, giving customers the option to buy and store credit for flexible journey use”.

GO Cards provide passengers with a re-usable top-up alternative to paper tickets and can be used on any route across the bus network. GO Cards are charged for the zones crossed in any complete one-way journey including connections between buses and offer a cheaper travel option to purchasing tickets for individual routes. 

Go Cards are available as one-day passes or can store cash credit and can be used as per passenger needs and convenience. GO Cards need to be Checked In at the start of each journey and Checked Out before exiting the bus using the special machines available on all buses. 

There is an initial fee of 500Fils when first purchasing a GO Card and it can then be reloaded with any amount of credit up to a maximum of BD50. Credit is available from all bus drivers and cards can also be reloaded at all main bus terminals using the ticket vending machines or at the manned ticket offices. Special reloading machines will soon be available on every bus soon to enable top up of credit using cash notes.

GO Cards are widely obtainable and can be purchased from the bus drivers or the Ticket Vending Machines at the main bus terminals in Manama, Isa Town and Muharraq 

The launch of the GO Card coincides with the full implementation of the new Public Transport Network on August 1st where a total 32 routes and new destinations will be serviced by 141 brand new state-of-the-art vehicles, bringing network coverage to over 77% of the Kingdom’s inhabited areas. The new service has been designed to significantly improve passenger travel experience and cater to the requirements of all sections of society.